Powerful Biblical Narratives, Music, & Natural Beauty

HELP-Encouraging and Graceful. HOPE-Dynamic messages of Hope Inspiration. HEALING-Soothing Counsel for those struggling with physical, and emotional challenges. MUSIC-Your spirit will soar in Meditation, Romance, Uplifting, Social, and Dance with sounds that will leave you breathless. NATURAL AROMATHERAPY Beauty Products based on Scripture.


When I started to listen to the healing series, I could only believe God had intended to present information that would dramatically change the way we have been thinking and taught about healing. I am certain this is revelation to many as it was to me. Hearing and applying this wisdom has been LIFE CHANGING!!! Can't wait for more!!! - C. Williamson Very powerful! Helped me so much. - Anonymous After hearing "The Hem" my life changed! The history behind the significance of the hem of Jesus is absolutely amazing. I had no idea. The bleeding woman's faith was encouragement for me and my healing!!!! - M. M.

The BESTSELLING Signature Healing Series

Anita-"A Voice for God"

The Personal Prayer Closet
Anita is "A Voice for God" and is the voice behind the audio CDs and series in the Personal Prayer Closet. She is an accomplished educator, author, artist, and entrepreneur. She has authored three books and is working on her third. Her passion is reading and teaching the Bible. Anita is also CEO of Genesis Originals, a multi-faceted ministry which houses PPC. She hopes you will find help, hope, and healing through The Personal Prayer Closet.