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Published Date: March 3, 2017

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You will be transported to a time to feel the effects of how Jesus atoned for OUR sins as we struggle with balancing our lives. From the best selling Living the Whole Life Series. 

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The Easter Atonement: Jesus Addresses Sin


The Easter Atonement is a dynamic addition to the best selling series Living the Whole Life.

One of the biggest challenges for all Christians is the area of sin. Sin infiltrates our lives, leaving us to atone through forgiveness and repentance.

No one is eager to admit to sin, but sin is a part of our life.

The narrative of the Easter Atonement relates to the modern Christian. The message of sin can sometimes be confusing and disparaging. People are often left with the feeling of hopelessness if the subject of sin is weak in its context.

This audio offers a clear and Biblical teaching of how Jesus’ death left us free of sin’s grip. You see, Jesus died FOR our sins. He freed us from sin.

You will learn this does not mean that we can sin without consequence. You will also understand how to handle sin.

Often we call simple living and mistakes sin. Sin in the Bible gives clear pictures of how our lives should manifest in Christ.

God intends for us to live good whole lives with balance and Him as our guide. Sin is inevitable, but you can control sin if you desire.

The glory of the atonement through Jesus magnifies at Easter because He arose. He arose after he paid the price for our sins.

What exactly does that mean? How are my sins forgiven? What is atonement?

You will find the answers to these questions and more in the Atonement. This audio narrative will lead you into a better life. You will become stronger in your relationship with Christ.

I hope you will get the whole series as you search for balance in your church, home, and job. If you are seeking help because you are losing control of your balance, you are in the right place.

Are you struggling with sin? Are you confused? Does sin scare you? Leave us a note if you qualify.

Filled with effects, music, and counsel, this series will uplift and refresh. Check it out!


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