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Published Date: February 18, 2017

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God's Son, Jesus is "The Son." This powerful narrative takes us to God's mapped out plan for Jesus and his Healing Ministry.

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The Son

The Son: The Signature Healing Series.







God’s Son, Jesus | Healing Series | Download Narrative

God’s Son, Jesus is “The Son.” This powerful narrative takes us to God’s mapped out plan for Jesus and his Healing Ministry. You will share in the journey as God shows us his desire for the rising of his Son in his rightful place among man. Download now or shipped immediately and begin the journey.

When we consider Jesus “The Son,” we often think of a man who was gentle, caring, and loving. After all, He is God’s Son. Jesus is all those things and more. To God, Jesus was extra special and God loved Him.

It is amazing how the Father designed the destiny of Jesus. If you think about it, it is quite astounding because of the outcome. It was for us that He came, suffered, died, and rose. Today, it is growing harder and harder to share his story to the uncertain.

“The Son”will escort you into the mapped out plan God designed for him. One of His ministries was healing. You will travel through his healing ministry as a way to help you and others heal.

Again, healing is not elusive. We must trust God to do what is best for us. Take this road with us to empower you and others with the assurance of God’s love for us.

Some view the Bible and its contents as fiction and fantasy. They believe the portions that are sensible, but shun the miracles. Practical thinkers will dig until they can prove that Christians are living a lie.

The story of Jesus as the Son of God is powerful and humbling. When God decided to send him to us God did it with precision and strategy. Since we serve a God who all powerful it stands to reason that he is intelligent in thinking. He would not send His Son in without a plan.

“The Son” is the second installment in the Signature Healing Series at The Personal Closet. Inspired by God, this series is a must for those in need of help while struggling with illness. Join others in getting yours today while supplies last.

You will come closer to God and Jesus as you understand their purpose. Much Love,



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