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Published Date: February 18, 2017

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 Christian Audio Download. "The Light" Jesus was titled with many names to fit his character. "The Light" magnifies and simplifies the significance of "light" and how Jesus taught us to shine for Him. Uniquely refreshing. 

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Christian Audio Download

Christian Audio Download





The Light. Christian Audio Download

In this Christian audio download, Jesus left us with specific instructions for using his “light.” Where do you stand? In this uniquely refreshing narrative, you will be empowered with the light of Jesus Christ as he intended.

“The Light.” Jesus Christ is “the light.” He left us specific instructions lighting the way for others. Where do you stand? In this uniquely refreshing narrative, you will be empowered to carry on His work as He intended.

When Jesus was among us he was known as The Light of the World. Find out how we are to carry out the tradition and become little lights for Him.

The many titles of Jesus are a testament to his character. If you have followed us you see he is “The Lamb,” and “The Son.” Our work was just beginning when he ascended to the Father. You see, Jesus expects us to carry on his tradition. We are designed for Christianity to shine brightly representing Him.

This Christian audio download reminds us that once the world was filled with darkness. God spoke and the darkness disappeared. The darkness was not good. As the world became brighter, so did the people become darker.

This audio is filled with effects and music to fill the senses and relax the mind. Get your copy now!

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