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Published Date: February 18, 2017


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EASTER SPECIAL PROMO: Paul and Jesus were cousins. One thing they had in common--a thorn. Hear this compelling and thought provoking narrative of the thorns in these two lives.  

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Christian Audio Download, The Thorn.

CD Cover thorns

Paul and Jesus were cousins… with a common problem: The Thorn


Paul and Jesus were cousins. A thorn was one thing they had in common. This dynamic narrative will challenge your view of the thorns in these two lives. The contrast will heighten your thinking and develop a thirst for more.

Each of these remarkable men were plagued with a thorn. Journey into the setting of the times to experience and explore the amazing connection they had in this Christian audio download.

Both Paul and Jesus were destined for ministries beyond the comprehension of men. Both suffered in different ways for the same cause. The hate, pain and suffering were unbearable.

The Thorn is a contrast of Paul and Jesus. The thorn of Paul is interesting and this audio narrative will address it in the form of a person. It could be argued that Paul was indeed ill.

Jesus’ thorn was the result of the humiliation he suffered with the crown of thorns. You will hear how the crown of thorns belied all that was designed to end the ministry of Jesus.

Along with other Christian Audio Downloads in the Signature Healing Series, The Thorn will impact your life and thoughts as you reflect on the life and times of Jesus and his cousin, Paul.

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