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Published Date: March 18, 2017

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TEENS, VERY YOUNG ADULTS, AND PARENTS--Get Jesus, The Natural Remedy Now for FREE for a limited time! 

Teens and very young adults are not exempt from challenges and struggles. Sometimes they need comfort and encouragement when facing illness, emotional pain, and situations in life. Jesus, The Natural Remedy is filled with scripture, music, and effects that will bring peace to the soul. Are you struggling? Download the scriptures of healing now and increase your faith! God Bless You.

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Christian Help for TEENS and VERY YOUNG ADULTS!!!

Jesus, The Natural Remedy—FREE—For a limited time! Get yours now.

Filled with Biblical scriptures, effects, music, counsel!

You are not alone in your battles. Hear what God can do for you.

Listen when difficulties get in your way.

Great for those who are struggling with illness, or emotional pain!

Powerful and exciting!

Designed to rebuild your faith and courage, “A Voice for God” in Jesus the Natural Remedy will leave you empowered and ready to face the day.

For a limited time:    FREE Digital Download FOR TEENS!!!!

Also Available in CD!! Free Shipping!


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