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Published Date: March 3, 2017

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EASTER SPECIAL PROMO: God had a purpose for giving the title of "Lamb" to Jesus. Discover why God called His Son "The Lamb." This enlightening narrative will leave you breathless.

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Easter: The Lamb

The Lamb: Signature Healing Series

Easter Audio | Lamb | Signature Healing Series | Digital DL


God had a purpose for giving the title of “Lamb” to his Son Jesus. This enlightening narrative will leave you breathless.

Easter is a great celebration for Christians because it marks the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Remarkable accounts of the crucifixion of Jesus remind us of an unthinkable sacrifice.

I recounted the ministry path of Jesus in our message “The Son.” Check it out here. “The Atonement” led into the message of the Cross related to sin. Now, “The Lamb” inserts the powerful Blood of Jesus in the mix.

The Lamb is a stand alone narrative as well as a significant part of my Healing Series. We honor Easter with the focus and release of this outstanding message.

Usually, there are no connections to the actual lamb (the animal) when teaching Easter. A few significant sentences make up the relationship. Have you ever asked why God used a lamb to describe Jesus? I have and I looked for the answer, and God gave it to me.

As Easter approaches, many will observe the day with reverence. Some, who may be less convinced will have a passive attitude. There are many young and old led to believe that Jesus and his story is all fantasy. New accounts and various teachings have diminished our Father’s credibility.

Be of good cheer! The Personal Closet’s goal is to address and challenge the new ways of thinking. With clear, fresh, and updated delivery those in doubt will recharge their relationships.

The best selling Signature Healing Series takes you on a journey of healing. If you are struggling with physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual pain, hope is here. “The Lamb.” is the final installment of this series.

Take the Easter journey beginning with this download! You will not regret it. The CDs will also make great additions to gift baskets. Those with disabilities will appreciate listening to these encouraging messages of hope. Get your CD or Download now!

Happy Easter to All!



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