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Published Date: March 3, 2017

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Jesus Healing | The Pool | Whole Life Series 5 | Narrative

Living the whole life can be challenging. One challenge is health and healing. Hear the wonderful story of Jesus and the man at the Pool of Bethesda.

As we move further in living a balanced life in the Whole Life Series we hope you are growing stronger. Jesus’ ministry was full of healing and the desire that we all lived good whole lives.

The Pool: Jesus Addresses Healing completes the Whole Life Series. Balance and living for Christ is possible as we learn how to merge the two. This compelling message brings home the mysteries and history about the Pool of Bethesda.

Did the pool have healing powers? Was the man lame? What was the conversation between Jesus and the man?

The story of the lame gentleman at the Pool of Bethesda is a wonderful example of the healing ministry of Jesus. It proves that healing is not elusive to all who seek it. It offers hope to us as we try to live with our faith and trust in God for our needs.

Today’s Christians are skeptical of supernatural healing. Many cannot perceive the fact that there is a God who will heal. Many do not believe that healing is in their future. Modern skeptics think it is foolish for people to worship and pray to a God unseen. This is not true for those who believe and trust.

If you need encouragement, or are seeking a strong message of hope and victory, this message is for you. Download it now and enrich your soul and mind with the powerful works of Christ.

The Whole Life Series is great for personal study, gifts, and group or Bible studies. Please watch for our study guides coming soon.

You CAN life life AND serve God! Society might have changed, but the Word of God never changes. Sometimes we just need a little clarity and fresh teachings to bring it home. Choose from Living Whole Part 1, The Atonement: Jesus Addresses Sin and others. Bring balance to your life and others. Blessings,



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