Pentecost: The Holy Spirit
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Published Date: March 3, 2017

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Pentecost: The Holy Spirit

Jesus Addresses the Holy Spirit

Pentecost: Jesus Addresses the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is misunderstood and for some, a little chilling. The thought of another Spirit living inside of us can be strange.

In this powerful and engaging narrative you will transport to the Day of Pentecost. You will experience the imparting of the Jesus’ Spirit.

When Jesus ascended to Heaven, before he left, he promised us a comforter. I mean, let’s be real. It is more fearful to not have the Holy Spirit than to have Him. That might sound strange, but once you come to know Him, you love Him.

The arrival of the Holy Spirit in the Bible isĀ interestingĀ and is the subject of controversy. Often, the story leaves many with questions and doubt. The Bible does not lie. There is truth and the truth about the Him is amazing.

Pentecost is a festival celebrated yearly. This was the setting of the fire of the His arrival to make its entrance. Add to this setting disciples, wealthy dignitaries, women of faith, and children. The beginnings of the church were happening. The Day of Pentecost was the day the church was born.

Once you come to know the Holy Spirit, you will understand how he interacts with us and helps us. There is nothing to fear. You will see how what you may call the “first mind” is the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

It is my hope that your view of Pentecost, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will sharpen. That you will come to rely on him in your life daily. You will hear how the people began to fellowship. Listen how often the new church meets and how they interact with each other in joy and love.

This addition to the Whole Life Series will leave you with a hunger to get to know more about living a balanced life.

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